DIY : make a LED grow light

grow light diy

Hi everybody ! This time I'll show you how to make a LED growlight for your garden.

For this we will need :

Required tools :

A soldering iron

A driller

A screwdriver

A wire cutter

A wire stripper pliers

Required equipment :


1x aluminium plate (500 x 250 mm)

18x 3W LED (13 red 660 nm and 5 blue 470 nm)

Ref for the red LED :

Ref for the blue LED :

1x LED driver 18x3 :

Thermal glue

1x recycled PC fan

40x screws M3 + nuts M3

4x threaded rods (diam. 8 mm)+ nuts 8 mm

2x screw terminals

Electric wires

Tin (diam. 0.7)


Step 1 : Cut the aluminium plate

Take the plate in the direction length, mark the middle and cut it into two pieces (250 x 250 mm, each). These two parts will serve to make the upper and lower plates of the lamp.


Step 2 : Mounting of the LEDs

The LEDs will be placed on the lower aluminium plate at regular intervals, glued with the thermal glue and fixed with the screws and nuts. Now you just have to connect them to each other in series according the mounting shown below. Now, connect your mounting to the LED driver.



Step 3 : Ventilator fixation 

The ventilator will be placed on the upper plate. In the middle of the plate cut out a circle of the same diameter as your ventilator and fix it with the screws (M3) which remain.


Warning: LEDs are polarized, you should pay attention to connect them properly

montage led


It just remains for me to wish you all abundant harvest!


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